Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I'm in the middle of quite a few projects and none of them are gifts. This means I can actually share them on the blog as they are completed rather than storing the pictures until after Christmas! I have officially started on my thrift store chairs, sewed a quick Halloween project for Mother (on the blog next week), making a Christmas skirt, and also sewing a pair of Christmas stockings for J and myself. As you can imagine, my teeny tiny apartment is a bit chaotic a the moment. Enjoy these thrift store finds while I clean up.. haha that was a joke. I avoid cleaning up by starting new projects. 

This chair had a funky color to it but the shape is cool and it is only $15. You can always find a place for a sturdy $15 chair.

And what about this $25 chair? Some people think the old fashioned florals are coming back into style. I'm not entirely sure since I am not a fan florals in general, but this chair has a cool shape. You could lose the skirt for a more updated look. The legs were fine but not a great color, so I would definitely paint or stain them.

When I was going through my pictures for this post, I spotted these lamps and immediately wondered why I didn't buy them. Then I saw the picture I took of the price tag (that is how I remember all the prices for these things). They were $10 each, which is not at all a bad price but for whatever reason is more than I would want to spend on these lamps. I would have totally bought them for $10 total though.

This adorable set was priced at $18 and went fast. It included a cake stand, six saucers, four cups, and six plates. The numbers are not quite right but you can easily find other gold and clear pieces almost every week in the thrift stores to coordinate.

Mom bought this little child sized rocking chair for the youngest baby of the family. It was priced at $40 but I don't know what she paid for it. The baby loves her chair! And she also won't let her siblings touch it.

Want to see more thrift store finds? We have a whole category just for that! We would love to see your finds, so feel free to share in the comments section. Or holler at us on twitter or instagram and hashtag it #ThriftStoreFinds.