Thursday, August 7, 2014

Another Chair Project

As you may know, I am in a sewing class with the lovely Mrs. Loveless. She has been hunting down fabrics for all the Christmas gifts I plan on making this year (side note: I already finished the first gift! but obviously a secret until 12/26/2014), which is awesome. During her most recent trip, she found the absolute perfect fabric for a pair of chairs I bought at Habitat.

First, take a moment to admire my chairs. J was not impressed, but they caught my attention as soon as I went upstairs at Habitat. The shape is cool, but everything needs recovering/refinishing. Even better? They were $20 each. In case you were wondering, I did not take the pile of window blinds home. Other thrifters were sifting through stuff and piled things on my chairs as I was trying to buy them.

Here is the fabric. It is a heavier fabric meant for upholstery. Mrs. Loveless snatched up three yards of it when she spotted the lovely pink and grey stripes on the sale rack for $9/yard. I had shown her the chair picture last week and she thought this fabric would be great.

Little did she know how perfect the fabric is with my couch. I had already imagined the chairs with their cool shape complimenting my roll arm couch, and the fabric just brings the project together even more. Fortunately, Mrs. Loveless is an integral part of this project which means it will actually be completed in this lifetime. She is going to help me figure out how to redo the fabric parts of the chairs. Yay for accountability and DIY company!

One minor issue: Mother somehow called dibs on my chairs, even though she was out of town when I bought them. I wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy for loving the chairs, so I texted the picture to her while standing in the store. The first thing she said when I called her was "dibs!" I'm not entirely sure how that counts, since the rule of thrifting is whoever has it in their hands first gets to own and love it. That being said, we have to determine the custody of the chairs before I start cutting away at my fabric.