Monday, August 18, 2014

Nespresso Corner

I shared a long list of upcoming projects back in February, all of which have come to a stand still. Since J and I are house hunting, I don't want to start slinging paint around and then find out the colors don't work in a house we purchase.

But this isn't about how I fail to finish projects (yet keep thrifting). We are here to talk about my newly styled Nespresso corner. J made an executive decision to nix the ugly cheap tray. But I'm ok with it.

the "before, but also intermediate" picture

J didn't like the tray because his coffee mugs didn't slide directly under the Nespresso machine. And I'm ok with the change because I could never settle on a method for redoing the tray (haven't given up though!) and my newly staged Nespresso corner is even better.

Teacup and saucer - Anna Weatherly Simply Anna

While the Nespresso habits are no longer contained in a tray, I think this set up works better for us. The thrifted green candy dish works so well for our purposes and it would not have fit on the tray we had. We keep it filled with a variety of flavors so anyone who visits can find one to their liking. And this means people don't have to check out my disastrous drawer filling abilities. I also keep the purple candle out since it is my favorite new scent: lavender chamomile. J and I found the candle at Marshals for $8, but I might have to hunt down more when this one burns out.

Does anyone else have a special set up for their favorite part of the day? What is your favorite coffee/espresso makers? Melinda jumped on the Nespresso bandwagon a while back and now it is a ritual for us while visiting.