Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bits From Behind the Scenes: A Lion Dog

On the subject of dog selection:

M: I would like a dog. Of course, the one I want is like $2K
B: Haha.  The one the president has?
M: Well, I suppose that is an option, but I'm interested in one of the doodle dogs - Australian labradoodles.
B: So cute! I want a standard poodle.  Big but no shedding.
M: What about the chow chow?
B: Too hot in Florida. The poor dog would be very unhappy for June - Sept.  I've decided not to be selfish.
M: I wonder how chow chows look shaved.
B: I'm sure we could google.

~pause for intense googling~

M: OMG!!!!! A lion!  You could have a lion!!!!!

Meet Nougat the shaved chow chow!

Posh Purpose are welcome for this unexpected dose of cuteness.  Happy Wednesday!