Thursday, August 14, 2014

Save $: The Today Show Steals & Deals

I recently found out about a great resource for gifts and coupons that I wanted to share with all our Posh Purpose readers!  For those of you who have been at working or don't own a TV (I know Briana doesn't!), The Today Show has a segment called "Jill's Steals and Deals" which runs twice a month and has coupon codes and special deals for different products.  I caught the first segment for this month and found that there are some great opportunities to spruce up your home, apartment, or dorm room and stock up on gifts!

4 Full Sized Products + Tote
Full Price: $94 Today Show Price: $29

Linum Home
Turkish Pestemal Towels
Full Price: $98 Today Show Price:$22

Four Pack of Candles
Full Price: $104 Today Show Price: $37.95

Frog Hill Designs
Toss Pillows
Full Price: $159 Today Show Price: $25

Nine Space
Linen & Cotton Sheet Set
Full Price: $200-$240 Today Show Price: $60

These are excellent deals and great gifts!  I've used Bliss products in the past and they are super luxe and you cannot beat the Today Show price.  Even when I've found them at Nordstrom Rack or Marshall's they are still at least $15 each.  I also just found the Aquiesse candles in a fancy pants store in Davidson, NC and they were super yummy - I really liked the lavender candle! - but also $25+ each.  I've also heard wonderful things about linen sheets and Turkish towels and at these prices you could definitely do a mini-makeover for a guest bedroom orrrrr treat a college student to some nicer goods for the dorm room - who wants to read or study when lounging on scratchy sheets?  Anyone else ever shopped the Today Show Steals & Deals?  

***I've put a link to Jill's Steals and Deals on each product image above, but you can also access the links and codes here.  All images are sourced from the main web page or the individual shopping pages.  We were not compensated in anyway by the Today Show or any of the individual companies.  We simply like to share opportunities to save!***

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