Friday, August 15, 2014

Vegetable Heavy Chili

I don't care to write detailed recipes mostly because I don't really measure when I cook. That being said, I made such good chili Wednesday light that I have to share it. The chili was also super easy and very colorful.

sloppy plating/keeping it realistic at Posh Purpose - let's call it 'rustic'

Chili is customizable. I like to add tons of chopped bell pepper and onion to mine while Melinda skips the beans and uses mushrooms instead (crazy, I know). I don't view this post as a recipe or how to cook chili. A better purpose is to use my chili as inspiration for your next batch.

I used my Staub Coq Au Vin for everything but the pasta. The pot is pricy, but you can use the 20% off coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond, which is what I did. Melinda has easy access to a Williams Sonoma outlet so she was able to score hers at an even bigger discount. The pot is so pretty that I leave it out on the counter! It also keeps food warm for a lot longer than stainless steel so it is good for parties where people graze rather than sit down at once.

I tossed a large bell pepper and onion (chopped) into the pot and let them cook until they started to get soft. Then I added ground turkey (I'm not a beef fan) and mixed in garlic powder, black pepper, and chili powder. I stirred until the turkey was pretty cooked - that way my turkey was in tiny pieces rather than clumps. It is all about personal preference.

After adding Tobasco, I also used two different cans of beans: Publix black beans (love Publix store brand foods) and pinto beans with chili sauce. Those were mixed in and I covered the pot so the beans could heat up without the liquid evaporating out. Once I started cooking my pasta in a separate pot, I added a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies into my chili. Then I called my mom because the chili flavor was a bit lacking. She saved the day by suggesting a few dashes of cumin after I listed off the ingredients. Yay for mothers!

I really like how many colors were in my chili this week. It makes the dish feel healthier and look prettier than your typical bowl of chili. The two different colored beans also helped. And customization doesn't have to stop in the kitchen. J added cheese to the top of his bowl while I added some sour cream. We each added more Tobasco because we like it spicy.

I ended up making enough food for supper and lunch the next day with enough left over to freeze for next week when I inevitably don't feel like cooking. If you think chili over pasta is odd, you can always make cornbread (easy clean up with a cast iron) or rice (not my thing, but go right ahead). What are your favorite chili ingredients? Anyone else use mushrooms like my bean-hating cousin?

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