Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Caroline's Ladies Luncheon

I attended my niece's eleventh birthday party last Saturday. Caroline asked her mom for a grown up tea party and even invited our sewing instructor and wonderful family friend Mrs. Loveless. While the two boy cousins (already eleven years old) were heartbroken that they didn't get to attend Caroline's party, the rest of us ladies had a wonderful time at my sister Kimberlee's house.

Kimberlee has piles of vintage linens, appetizer plates, tea pots, and tea cups which made every table and place setting unique. Caroline's job was to pick out a tea cup for each of her guests. Caroline may be young, but her sense of style is developing towards vintage and shabby chic. She also likes to knit and sew and loves her pet cats and canary. Sometimes she jokes about us turning her into an old lady, but I think she is adorable!

Caroline's big sister was given the polka dot tea cup
Kimberlee set up three different tables for fifteen guests. One of my favorite parts of the party that did not revolve around Caroline was getting to admire a lot of Kimberlee's thrifted and antique finds all at once. Normally I only get to see bits and pieces, but having everything out at once shows how pretty a collected look can be.

overview of the older girls' table
my place setting
my teacup
My teacup belonged to my great grandmother. Caroline did a wonderful job because my cup was my favorite out of the whole bunch!

Mimi's place setting

overview of the adult table

Caroline selected a colorful yellow floral tea cup for herself

Isn't everything beautiful! And we had such a great time celebrating Caroline. Come back tomorrow to see the delicious food!