Thursday, August 7, 2014

Posh Purpose Tip: Frozen Organic Mushrooms

I'm a huge mushroom lover and I eat them any way I can get them including straight from a can (Briana is gagging right now, she can't stand mushrooms), but I find that the fresh ones, especially the shiitakes, are super expensive and organic mushrooms just cost too much for me to include in my weekly grocery budget (mushrooms should not cost as much as meat - they haven't had to be birthed, housed, or fed for many months). Luckily, I've found a great solution!  Frozen organic mushrooms!

Image Source: Woodstock Foods
I found these last winter at Wegmans for $3.29 per bag and Whole Foods also carries them for a little bit more.  $3.29 for 10 oz of mushrooms is a really great deal (fresh white button mushrooms are typically sold in smaller portions for about the same price), but when you consider you can get organic and shiitake thrown into the mix, it's awesome!  

I use these mushrooms all the time when the mushroom isn't meant to be the "star" of the dish, but just an ingredient or extra veggie boost.   Frozen mushrooms are great for throwing in pasta sauces, topping off a chicken dish, or adding a little bulk to your chili.  However, I would not use them for something like cream of mushroom soup or salads (ick!).  Anyone else tried this easy fix?

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