Monday, February 17, 2014

Upcoming Projects

I want to share the every growing list of projects I have started and not yet finished. Keep in mind I use the word "started" very loosely; it really just means I have purchased things and have grand visions yet no progress has been made towards those visions. As I mentioned in my 2014 Goals, I want to do a better job of completing projects this year than I did in 2013. Regular blog readers may have already seen these projects but I wanted to round them all up for myself. And what better way to remind myself of all the work I have to do than on the blog?

1. Dining chairs - I have purchased my canvas to reupholster the seats and fabric paint along with choosing my paint color for the wood part. I have even decided what design will go on the seats. I may even gold leaf the wooden knobs on the back. That would be fun. However, first step is getting to painting.

2. End table - you can see it peeking out behind my pink thrift store chair. I have shifted the furniture a bit since this picture, but the general idea is still the same. The end table fits underneath my desk and provides much needed storage in my teeny tiny apartment. I have cleaned up the end table and am waiting on J to reinforce the drawers (they are a bit loose) before I get to messing with it.

3. Cafe corner - this one is a new project. I hung one piece of my thrift store art where my nespresso machine sits. The kitchen counter juts out into the living space, giving me the perfect area to have a cafe corner. I have been searching and searching for a tray to contain the nespresso stuff so that it looks organized and doesn't get scattered all over the counter top (looking at you, J). I found the one in the picture below for $1.50 at Habitat. It is ugly, but I have big plans for dressing it up. I stuck the pink carnation into a coffee cup just for fun; the restaurant we went to for Valentines Day was handing out carnations to all the ladies so I decided to use mine as inspiration.

I could have cropped these images to hide my mess, but that would just be misleading. This is real life, including the rather full nespresso pod collector.

4. Plant holder - found this at Habitat for $5 and it has been living in storage ever since. I will eventually paint it to make it a bit more glitzy, but no colors have been selected.

So there you go. I love the ideas part of projects but have issues actually implementing those ideas. Does anyone else have that problem? I think it might be genetic. My mother has a pile of thrift store furniture that she has been meaning to update for almost a whole year now. Wish us luck!