Friday, February 28, 2014

Sale Alert: Nespresso Machines for 40% Off

For those of you who don't know, Briana and I are obsessed with our Nespresso machines.  My aunt (aka Briana's mom) introduced me to them when I was down for a visit and Briana got one as a wedding gift.  I came a little bit later to the game and didn't purchase one until this past fall.  Nespresso machines aren't your average coffee pot and they are a bit different from other pod-based systems like the Keurig.  The Nespresso pods come in a variety of strengths which is great for entertaining.  I have one girlfriend who gets a shot of espresso added to her Venti iced Starbucks coffee and then drinks  Clearly, we are not cut from the same cloth as I prefer a high milk to coffee ratio with a ton of cinnamon tossed in.  HOWEVER, because I have the Nespresso, when she comes over for coffee I can give her a Nespresso with a 8 or 9 intensity while I drink my much more mellow 3 or 4 intensity espresso.  I know this is Briana's favorite feature, because people can choose how intense they like their caffeine (I barely like to know that I'm getting hit with mine, I can tell you that!) and she has a big family with lots of different tastes.  You can also pick how much water you use to brew your drink (small amount, larger amount, or even make a custom setting).  Mr. 3 doesn't drink coffee so it's a lot easier to make myself the one cup I drink everyday rather than brewing up a pot of coffee that goes to waste.  I can also make fancy pants drinks with the milk frother that Mr. 3 got me for Christmas like lattes (hot and cold) and cappuccinos.

That said, Nespresso machines are a bit of an investment and range from $150-$700 depending on the model you choose.  That's why I'm happy to report that Williams-Sonoma Outlets are offering 40% off this weekend on all Nespresso Machines!

Nespresso rarely go on sale more than 20%, so this is a great opportunity.  For those of you who aren't located near an outlet, call up the outlet and ask them to ship you one (shipping fees are based on the dollar amount of the purchase - so, the more you buy, the higher the fee).  I bought my Nespresso when Williams-Sonoma outlets were offering 30% off from the Nashville location.  You may also be able buy one that comes bundled with a milk frother (which also rarely go on sale).  

If you want to save even more moo-lah, ask if they have any refurbished machines.  Refurbished products from well-regarded companies are a great way to get what you want at a drastically reduced price (refurbished products are supposed to be restored to factory-line quality and may have only been originally returned for small defects which are corrected at the factory before hitting the shelves again).  I actually wanted a Nespresso Citiz in a cream color which was discontinued and the only place I could locate it was at the Williams-Sonoma outlet.  They had one at the regular price and a refurbished one that was discounted. I decided to go with the refurbished product since Nespresso has such a great reputation and save some money.  I've had absolutely no problems and I'm super happy I got the color I wanted!  Purchasing the refurbished product, at the 30% off price, including all shipping (about $20) and tax, got me the $250 Nespresso Citiz for $165, which saved me about $40-$50 over the non-refurbished Nespresso (shipping would have been much higher).  I should note that this machine will also probably wind up saving me money in the long Starbucks habit has drastically decreased to maybe twice a month (unless it's Pumpkin Spice Latte season, where I can't control myself...but that should be a given).

Briana and I definitely recommend the Nespresso to anyone to upgrade their coffee machine, brides filling out their registries, or those of you who love to entertain.  This is one of those items that we believe it is worth the investment because there is such a big happiness pay off!

*This is not a sponsored post and we aren't receiving any Nespresso or Williams-Sonoma swag (sadly).  All opinions are our own...we simply love love love our Nespresso!