Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I had the opportunity to take Melinda thrifting over the weekend. Even though we didn't find a small lidded pyrex for her, we came across a lot of great items. Melinda even went home with a $6 vintage pitcher! I managed to escape with only spending $1.07 on two 50 cent frames plus 7 cents of tax.

I bought a 5x7 frame and a 8x11 frame. Both frames have pretty details on the side and front. You can see the side of the larger frame to the left and the front of the smaller frame with one of my wedding pictures already added in.

We spotted this adorable tufted chair for $5. It had just come in two days earlier so I was initially shocked by the price. Further inspection showed that the fabric has a lot of wear and would need to be reupholstered. It seemed sturdy though, so it is really a great price if you are willing to add more money to the project for a professional reupholstery job. It is an even better price for those of y'all brave enough to take on 27 tufts all by your lonesome.

One of my volunteer friends pointed out this hilarious fat shaker contraption. It even still works! Melinda and I did not try it out, so I am going off the word of my friend. The price tag said $100 although I am interested to see how long it takes to sell the thing. I can't imagine there are many shoppers in the market for such a thing.

I have a confession: I never look up at the ceiling in Habitat. Melinda, not sharing my bad habit, spotted two retro light fixtures that would be wonderful in the right setting. I only found a picture of one of the fixtures, priced at $30.

We loved this dresser below. The drawers have great detail and hardware. The mirror, we could do without. It would be pretty easy to remove it (right, J?) and repurpose the mirror elsewhere. The unit was priced at $75. I normally don't spend that much on stuff in Habitat but the dresser was less than a week old, so I wouldn't bother asking for a price reduction yet. As a side note, I only share furniture with dovetailed drawers because even though the prices may be low, thrifted furniture should still be decent quality. You can go to Ikea if you want something that will fall apart after moving it once or twice.

 The chest of drawers and dresser below match. The chest is $45 and the dresser is $50. Both had been added to the floor the morning we were there and I wouldn't be surprised if they both went quickly. The hardware has yellowed so I would definitely replace it, but considering there are only four knobs total it would not be a huge added expense. The pieces were of good quality although the tops were a cheapy veneer which would need a good sanding and coat of paint or stain. The veneer did not match the rest of the wood so I think it was a later addition. Our favorite part are the legs! So cute! If I had space, these two things would have been very tempting to bring home.

This coffee table was $35 including the glass top. It would be really cute in a beach house or on a back porch.

Habitat had two screens when we were visiting! Two! The one in the background of the picture below was alright, but I didn't bother to check the price. The other screen in the picture was beautiful, though! And $100. I included a detail shot so you can have the full effect. Mother went back after I showed her the pictures to inspect, but she ended up not buying it. The screen apparently had some damage on the lower squares that I had not seen. She would have bought it for $50 but didn't think her chances of getting that huge of a price reduction were very good considering the screen had just been put out and Saturday is a very busy day at Habitat. She has better luck with price changes on the slower week days.

 Melinda spotted this awesome table. The legs are sooo awesome, although Aunt Charlene (Melinda's momma) pointed out that dusting the thing would be unpleasant. One of the lady volunteers suspected that the table top is not original to the base and suggested we replace it with a glass top. I really wish I had a reason to take this table home but my teeny tiny apartment has no space. It is priced at $55 and had been brought out the day before we visited. One issue was that one side of the table top did not stay up on its own, so it would need repairing.

This table and chairs set was $130. The chairs are super cute with a really fun pattern, although the fabric had some wear. I was less crazy about the tabletop (closeup on the side of the chair picture), but the base is a lot of fun just like the chair bases. Wouldn't it be great to buy this set and then replace the top with something luxe like a marble slab? Someone please do that.

Finally, this pair of solid wood lamps for $10 total. Habitat kindly labels their lamps that have already been tested and proven to work so you know if they need rewiring before purchasing. Melinda really wanted me to take these two lamps home and I almost did, but again the space issue.

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