Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Break 2014!

Before I married Mr. 3 and Briana married J, Briana was still in college and was headed home for spring break.  I was working my boring big girl job with no vacation plans in sight and I got a gchat from Briana saying that her mom wanted to bring me down for a week of sunny weather and family visitin' to keep Briana company while she was on her spring break.  I jumped at the chance, put in my request for leave, and two weeks later headed down for a week of 80 degree weather and quality time.  We went sailing in St. Pete (where somehow, despite my intensive sunscreen efforts I still managed to get a light sunburn), sat in the backyard running our mouths and soaking up the sun, ate tons of fresh berries and chocolate (like the good old days when Briana lived on my couch during her summer DC internship), and played our favorite game at the time "Let's Plan a Wedding."  We had

Since then, we've tried to get together every year for "spring break" even though neither one of us is in college anymore.  The year we were engaged we used my shower in North Carolina as our get together and last year I had a wedding in Orlando in May, so I hopped on the train and headed over to Briana to hang out for a week.  This year, I'm super excited to head down for a week in March!  I booked my tickets during one of Jet Blue's super sales and I'm going to be there March 9-16.  Mr. 3 is going to join us a bit later on Thursday and then we are headed to Orlando on Sunday for a mini-vacation for the two of us (no Disney on the agenda, just relaxin' by the pool) for a couple of days.  

So far, we've made plans to make the rounds on the thrift store furniture (yay Habitat runs!), head to the local farm so I can pick up some more tupelo honey and eat tons of citrus, eat yummy Mexican and Cuban food, and go to zumba classes that Briana's sister/my cousin teaches.  I'm sure there will also be lots of sitting in the backyard running our mouths and soaking up the sun and playing our new favorite game "Let's Make a Dream Home" and stalking Trulia and Zillow for inspiration/laughs.  I'm hoping I can convince Briana to branch out to a few other thrift stores and maybe work on some of her furniture projects.  I'm also really looking forward to spending time with the family baby, my aunt and uncle, and all my cousins.

If only I could convince Briana of the necessity of a "fall break"...I keep trying to woo her with promises of pretty leaves and hot cider.

PS - Thanks for sticking with us readers during the past week when I was on my sickbed.  Glad to be feeling better!