Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Valentines Day Plans

Valentines Day is not a huge event for me. I really just go along with it because I love receiving presents. J happens to love giving me presents, so February 14th is a fun occasion all around. It is also a day that I don't have to cook, although that is slightly less of a perk now that J and I share the cooking responsibilities.

Our first Valentines Day while dating back in 2011 was split into two days. I had choir class the evening of the actual day, so going out to eat was not an option. Instead, J surprised me with a giant bear (I love giant stuffed bears) and cooked my favorite meal of his: super spicy/vinegary pork and onions. Yum! We went out to eat the following Friday. Our next Valentines Day was spent at Boston's amazing southern restaurant Hungry Mother. The food is legitimately delicious, even if they try to get a bit creative with our southern favorites. We did not celebrate on February 14th that year either because J's grandmother passed away and he was on a plane back from her funeral. Our third Valentines was right after we got married and were living in Las Vegas. J made reservations at a Peruvian restaurant. My little sister wondered why on earth he would take me there, since I do not particularly care for meat or potatoes. She always thinks she should be consulted on restaurant choices. And she is probably right; I did not really like the food, but it was still a fun experience. 

This is now our fourth Valentines Day together - fourth! crazy! - and the celebration has already begun. J was in Boston this past week for a business trip and was so sweet to bring me a box of my favorite artisan chocolates. If you follow us on twitter, you already spotted the picture. 

We also have reservations at a new locally owned restaurant, Bricks Bar and Grill. I know I will like the food as long as my hamburger is well done (cue baby sister wincing in embarrassment). And that stuffed pickle is definitely happening. If the results are tasty, I will be taking Melinda back with me during her spring break trip (yay!). J and I try to support locally owned businesses as much as possible. On the rare occasions we go out to eat, we usually pick a small local place over one of the many chains in the area. We will probably stop working earlier than normal and head over to the local tattoo and piercing place so I can get my tragus earring replaced. The crystal fell out and I am not in love with the empty metal post look. Nothing says Valentines Day like jewelry and chocolate, although in this case the jewelry is cheaper than the chocolate.