Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Gifts for the Kids

Children are one of the biggest reasons to celebrate Valentine's day.  I remember loving to make my "mailbox" for my desk from school and getting Valentines from all of my class friends (the best cards were from the cute boys and anything that had candy attached to it).  My parents usually bought me a small bag of candy and gave me cards to read after dinnertime.  I never felt that children needed "gifts" to make Valentine's Day fun and special (check out our Valentine's Day decorating ideas post for suggestions).  I could see giving a child a small, useful gift if they have dietary restrictions since they might have to miss out on all the candy.  Remember!  Christmas wasn't that long ago, so there is no need for extravagant gifts.  However, if you want to get your child a small gift, here are a bunch of budget friendly items which you could also suggest to any grandparent that just can pass up the opportunity to give a gift.  We've suggested mostly useful items that don't take up too much space and can be easily wrapped:
Long Bow & Arrow Set
$14.99 + Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
Image Source: Amazon

Heart-Stitch Baseball
Image Source: Hallmark

Ribbed Sport Watch
Image Source: Gap Kids

Heart Apron
$24 + $7 for Personalization + Free Shipping
Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

Heart Shaped Paper Notebook
Image Source: Paper Source

Personalized Coloring Book
$12.95 on sale for $9.70
Image Source:
Large Felt Pink Heart Pouch
Image Source: Paper Source
Heart Sunglasses
Image Source: Paper Source

If you need gifts for your child's classroom or Sunday school class, here are a few affordable options that require no assembly and are easy on the wallet:

Stamper Set
$1.99 for 6
Image Source: Party City

Play-doh Valentines Bag
$11.99 for 15 cans + Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
Image Source: Amazon
Valentines Day Pencil School Pack
$5.99 for 24
Image Source: Party City

Valentines Day Activity Pads
$0.99 for 8 ct.
Image Source: Party City

The most important part of Valentine's Day is that your child know that you love them, so give them an extra hug, spend time with them making a craft or cookies, or drop them a note in their lunchbox.  That's what they will remember the most!