Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Season

I noticed that our guide to men's wedding band metals that J wrote for us back in 2011 has jumped to our most popular post this week. At first I was surprised; since changing the sidebar to display the most visited posts each week rather than all time, normally we only see more current posts. (You can check this out for yourself by looking at the sidebar for Popular Posts, under our instagram feed.) Although once Melinda and I discussed it, we decided J's post popularity made sense. After all, we just got done with engagement season and are now quickly approaching wedding season.

Posh Purpose is not a wedding blog by any means, but we did start it back when Melinda and I were planning our weddings. If you go back to our 2011 posts, you can see the effects of wedding brain on the topics we chose to write about. We think it might be helpful to readers if we write about wedding related topics that those not planning weddings could benefit from as well.

Current post ideas:
Qualities your photographer should have - important for anyone wanting professional photographs
Tips for buying shower and wedding gifts - Melinda is the expert on high value gifts with a budget
Favorite DIY projects, like my glitter vases - great for anyone decorating for an event

If there is anything you would like to see on the blog, let us know! And now for a round up of our favorite wedding posts from the past:

J's guide to wedding band metals from an engineer's perspective. He explains the properties of all the common metals (platinum, silver, palladium, tungsten carbide, titanium, stainless steel) except gold. J also talks about the pros and cons of each metal when it comes to jewelry you or your husband will wear every day. If you and your fiancé are considering your wedding band options, you will find this guide extremely helpful.

Melinda discusses why she paid for a lot of wedding expenses with a credit card. A great benefit to this approach is all those credit card rewards, but it only counts if you pay the balance every month. Read the full post for more info.

Melinda also wrote a great post about what she learned from writing all those thank you notes. She is an expert thank you note writer and everyone - not just brides - would benefit from reading her tips. I know I did!

I created a template with google docs for keeping track of your guest list. We had invited over 250 guests to my wedding so I used a spreadsheet with multiple pages to keep all the addresses and RSVPs (among many other things) organized. The template is totally free and is meant to be downloaded and altered according to each bride's needs.

Melinda's post about the differences between engraving and thermography might be the most informative. When we were researching wedding invitations, we couldn't find any thorough comparison of the two types of lettering. So for our own benefit, Melinda wrote one herself. Of course, we both ended up going with letterpress for our wedding invitations but we made the decision fully informed thanks to Melinda's tireless research.

I wrote a mathematician's guide to diamonds because while every online article talked about the four C's, none of the articles actually explained what this meant in life's most important term: sparkliness! A diamond's sparkle comes from the way it reflects light, which is really just math. I explain each C and also tell how it will affect the way the diamond looks while wearing it.