Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thrift Store Art

I am going to share my most recent thrift store purchases with y'all today along with an insider tip that one of the volunteers gave me. And for those of you who are not yet acquainted with my Habitat for Humanity weakness, please refer to my thrift store finds.

Up first we have this awesome framed poster pictured above. I had been eyeing it for about six weeks, but the sticker price of $25 was just too high for me. The price had been marked down to $20 but my mom made friends with a tiny older lady volunteer who offered up a $15 price tag. After that, I just had to convince Mother to let me buy it instead and it was mine! She immediately regretted agreeing to my proposal. Her house has no pink or purple and mine is covered in pink and purple so it just made sense that the poster go home with me instead of her.

While we continued shopping, our tiny older lady friend walked along with us and explained that one volunteer who prices things on Fridays always marks items up way too high so our friend goes through on Saturdays and marks those things down when she spots them. However, she doesn't catch everything so she insisted that we always find her when we want something but think it is too expensive. Moral of the story: make friends and always ask if they can do better on price.

This antebellum painting pictured above is framed in solid wood. Please ignore the tile appearing to be vertical on the left side of the picture - the painting is sitting on the floor sideways and I opted for rotating the picture on my computer rather than the painting in real life. This painting was priced at $30, which isn't bad considering the frame and that the thing has about 2.5'x3.5' for dimensions. Buuuut I didn't want to pay $30 considering the paint has a few minor scratches which you can spot in my picture. I asked my other volunteer friend if $30 was the best he could do and he said "definitely not, how does $15 sound?" I immediately snatched it up as fast as anyone can snatch up a painting that is over half their size.

And for my final purchase of that trip, I found this adorable little jelly tray for $2.50. Yes, I actually paid the sticker price for this one. The knobs are wood and everything is in great condition. The lids have little holes on the side for tiny spoons, but sadly the tiny spoons were not available so I will be searching for some. 

I will be posting some of the cool stuff I found that I did not buy along with some of the awesome things Mom purchased next week so keep an eye out for the next installment of Thrift Store Finds!