Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stalking the Thrift Store

One of my blog goals was to share my Thrift Store Finds with y'all more consistently. I have had these images sitting in my Dropbox since before Christmas and just rediscovered them while writing about my thrift store statement chair yesterday. I know another blog goal was to have better pictures for the posts, but I will make exceptions for those taken inside Habitat for Humanity. We shop there for the cool/wacky stuff at great prices, not for the ambiance and lighting.

Up first, we have this "his, hers, ours" set. It was less than $10 if I remember correctly. That does not include the tray, which is not part of the set. However, the tray is $5 if anyone is curious. The drink set would be perfect on a night stand or in a bathroom. I love the gold lettering, although the bubbles could be a bit annoying after some time.

I found these divided platters for $2.50 each. If I bought them, I would put jewelry in them or use as a nail polish display. However, I would also need a flat surface that isn't already covered in stuff so I passed on the opportunity.

If I hadn't already started on my sister's painted spoons for her $5 Christmas gift, I would have bought this set of 8 monogrammed K glasses for her (last name is Kogelschatz). The set ended up being $3 total. Fortunately, her husband was at Habitat with me so I convinced him to buy them. This set is the only items from today's post that went home with someone I know. Shocking, I know.

This chair needs some work - bare minimum new cushions and fabric. However, it is charming and only $35. I included a picture of the price tag below for anyone who doesn't believe me. The tag is dated 12/21 so if that chair is still around in a month, someone could probably talk the right floor volunteer down to $20 or $25. The rattan and legs were in great shape when I checked so those parts wouldn't need any work. However, you could totally paint the solid parts gold and go for white upholstery. Now I wish I had this chair and space to put the chair. Oh and the ability to finish projects in a reasonable amount of time.

Enjoy this post? Stay up to date on my thrift store finds! And please share any of your awesome finds with us. We love to see what people dig up in thrift stores all over the country!