Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Statement Chair

One Kings Lane approached us about using their new Home Decor Resource Guide to write about our favorite statement chair. I immediately thought of my Habitat Christmas present, which I still just love so much. This home decor guide has a lot of info about style periods in the United States and Europe. There is also a bit about ancient styles from China, Egypt, and more.

Still in the process of styling my desk. Upcoming projects include beautifying cheap picture frames.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find out much about my statement chair. I had a general idea of what to look for as it is a similar shape to my Grandma's gorgeous 1960's chairs. Her chairs are a bit more angular than mine, and the fabric goes all the way down to the floor rather than the legs that my chair has. BTW love those legs! Overall, the same idea. The tufts are adorable and I like how the straightforward shape of the chair keeps it from being too precious - it balances out the pink fabric. The home decor guide did not have as much on that era as I would have thought, but I know One Kings Lane is still adding to this guide. I would love to see a photographic encyclopedia of chair styles; if they could just post an image of a chair representing every popular style and link to the article about those styles, imagine how much more we could learn while thrifting/antiquing!

My black desk is still very much a work in progress. It was originally J's desk, which he bought at Ikea and stained black. It got a bit beat up in his move from Boston to Vegas, but I can totally get behind the distressed look. I added two Edgar Berebi knobs to make it more feminine (also Ikea knobs are ugly). Right now it has a thrift store lamp I "borrowed" from my mother, an empty white frame (haven't decided on a picture yet), two Kate Spade candle sticks (also seen here), a PB tray that holds my keys and other daily extras, and two PB monogrammed julep cups (one is empty and the other holds all my lipsticks and glosses). The tray also holds a beautiful Tiffany & Co. lidded dish which I use to contain messier things like headphones and a loose pair of earrings that may I leave about. I have an upcoming project about cheap picture frames, one of which will go on the desk to accompany the existing framed picture of my grandparents. There are also two pink candle sticks on the desk; a third one will be joining them if I ever make it out to my storage unit. I probably won't keep everything on the desk, but I like to live with things and shift them around until I see what works rather than make all the decisions at once. Probably the lamp should go. I don't even think it is plugged in.

The piece of furniture underneath the desk was first introduced here. I absolutely love it and the apartment could use a bit more storage space, so I cleaned it up a bit and J carried it in for me. He needs to glue the drawers back together to make them a bit sturdier and then I will get to painting. I am debating my color options, but I know I want to emphasize that awesome hardware. Currently, I am leaning towards a high gloss two tone paint job but I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. I just think of so many different color combos, I can't pick just one!

But back to the decor guide. The History of Chairs is very interesting because you can see on a map where and when different styles of chairs were popular. There was even an article about Japanese chairs, which is fascinating considering they are very much a sit on the floor culture.

Even though I did not find much about my pink statement chair, I got curious about my other chairs. I have an pair of antique chairs from my aunt that I decided to look up. I knew they are a french style and I eventually stumbled upon the word "fauteuil" that I recognized. These chairs are a Baroque 17th Century style. The seats of my chairs are particularly low, which I learned was a result of exaggerating the style under the reign of Louis XIV. I also learned a bit more about my couch. I knew the couch is an English rolled arm, but I didn't know it was made popular in the 1800's. So right now, my seating area of my apartment has influences from three different centuries: 1600's, 1800's, and 1900's. Eclectic - just how I like it!

Last minute picture for the blog. As you can see, things are not nearly as neat as they appear in the
other pictures. And this chair needs new stuffing and reupholstering, but that won't happen any time soon.

Have you used the One Kings Lane decor guide? Those of y'all who are curious about crazy furniture like I am would find it to be a very interesting resource, although you may get sucked down the rabbit hole of Ancient Egyptian chairs. I'm pretty sure I need ebony furniture now.