Monday, January 6, 2014

The Purpose of Posh Purpose

Briana and I get asked a lot about the blog's focus/theme and the meaning of the name.  We've done a little bit of explaining how we got into writing the blog in our About Us section and we've put an extremely short blog description in our Dear Readers section on the right hand side of our webpage.  However, we haven't really taken the opportunity to write about what drives us and Posh Purpose.

Women have so many demands on their lives - significant others, children, homekeeping, career - just to name a few.  Because of all these demands, we feel it becomes extremely easy for women to give up on living that glamorous and fun life that they might have imagined for themselves in their teens or twenties.

We don't believe that your dreams of a fantastic life have to be sacrificed in the face of all these demands.   Whether you love fine china, crystal, cashmere, traveling the world, or something else equally luxe and wonderful, we think it's possible to find a way to incorporate them into your life - even if only in small doses.  However, while living a posh lifestyle means not feeling guilty for the little luxuries in your life, it also means not making these luxuries the center of your universe.

We think everyone should try to find a purpose for their life.  For us, we believe that there is so much ugliness and negativity in the world that is outside of our control.  Concentrating on the relationships you have in life with your family, friends, and God is the most important purpose you could have.  That's why we choose to focus the content on Posh Purpose on making your home life wonderful and taking care of yourself spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

Our intent in this blog is to share what excites us, keeps us grounded, and makes us super fun women.  We may get it right and we may get it wrong, but we are always trying to live poshly and purposefully.

Briana and Melinda, July 2012
Getting ready for Melinda's wedding