Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Painted Ceilings

What do y'all think of the painted ceilings that are all over Pinterest these days? I am undecided. I haven't actually stood in a room that has an uncommonly colored ceiling, but from the pictures it seems pretty tricky to get it right. A lot of the pictures seem like the painted ceilings make the room feel short rather than heightening the room.


See - short! And patterns don't necessarily make it any better:


However, one of my favorite bloggers from Vintage Revivals just pinned this photo. I think the grey and white zig zag pattern could be really interesting given the space, even if the pattern isn't my personal style.

Another one of my favorite blogs Young House Love did do a wonderful job with the painted ceiling in their adorable daughter's bedroom. I think it helps that the pink is very pale and that the molding is chunky.

Young House Love

And of course, you can always extend the ceiling paint down the walls a bit. This definitely makes the room feel taller. I think it has a similar effect to the chunky molding above.

Pinterest, because where else do we do our research?

After searching Pinterest for all these variations of the painted ceiling, I am still undecided. I have found great examples and then less successful examples. Has anyone tried this trend yet? Let us know how it worked out for you!