Friday, January 24, 2014

We're Lovin' Olive Wood Spoons

Since my wedding over a year ago, I have been eyeing high quality wooden spoons to replace J's $1 each spoons from his pre-Briana days. I used his wooden spoons almost every day despite the ratty appearance. When this past Christmas rolled around and I still hadn't bought my own wooden spoons, I decided it was finally time to make it happen. My little sister loves cooking and is quite happy buying cooking stuff even when it isn't for her, so I took my opportunity and asked her to give me these beautiful spoons from Williams Sonoma.

olive wood cook's spoon

olive wood blunt end spoon

If those of y'all who clicked on the links were a bit shocked by the price, I won't judge. These spoons are not cheap. However, they have improved my life by about 300%. I actually enjoy using them. The wood is sooooo smooth and the angles of both spoons are perfect. No longer do I have to bend my wrist when I am cooking pasta sauce with my blunt spoon. This new one is angled so that it fits right into the corners of the pot while I hold my wrist comfortably. And the cook's spoon is just as well designed. The pointy end of that spoon gets every teeny bit of food out of the corners of the pot so you can fully incorporate your ingredients. Could you get the same results with a cheaper spoon? Possibly, but I haven't bothered to check because these spoons are just perfect.

This post is not sponsored nor do we have an affiliate program with Williams Sonoma. I just thought I should share my new spoon love with y'all after I proclaimed for the millionth time that I love these spoons.