Monday, January 27, 2014

January Thrift Store Finds

As I mentioned in my 2014 Goals, I want to blog more about my thrift store hunts. So before January ends, here is another round of Thrift Store Finds! January is a tough month for thrifting around town because our seasonal citizens move down from up north and furnish their homes from the thrift stores. I still found some fun stuff to share with y'all.

This settee is in pretty good shape but needs updated fabric and new paint. The sticker price is $85 but you should definitely ask for a better price since it requires so much work, even though you could probably do the reupholstering yourself if you are handy with the sewing machine and staple gun. This piece would be great on your back porch and could be redone to suit your changing decor desires.

This chair reminds me a lot of Thrive Furniture. I actually bought a couch from Thrive before I bought my current couch, but it wasn't quite large enough for J so back it went. This chair is in very good condition and they only want $15 for it! Of course, orange would have to be your thing (it's not mine) or you would need to have it recovered professionally.

This end table is currently $20 and has the cutest legs. My mom almost bought it, but she did not want to deal with the cracks you can see in the picture below. On a slow day, you could probably get the price down to $10 and then deal with the cracks as you see fit.

Mom and I had wonderful luck with the art section of Habitat the other day. That painting above, so wonderfully modeled by Mother's legs, was $6! I say "was" because Mom immediately put it into her cart after I took the picture. The frame is wood, so even if the artwork was ugly you would still want to snatch it up.

Anyone want a metal hood? The sticker said $25 even though the right side was separating from the rest of it. This thing was randomly sitting on the floor near the mismatched bathroom cabinet selection.

Mom also bought this lovely mirror for $15 (yes, she paid sticker price). It is pretty large but those colors don't fit into her house so it will get some work. She wants to paint the flowers and then hang the mirror over my sister's headboard. Keep in mind the bed is a king and the mirror is appropriately sized. And only for $15!

This table and chairs set is in great condition! The sticker said $175, which really isn't that bad. I doubt they would go any lower considering it had just been dropped off January 23. FYI, the price tag has the date on it so always point out if an item has been sitting around for a long time when asking for a lower price. If you like yellow, you could put this set in your kitchen for a really cute look.

I think this is another jelly set, but I'm not sure. You could use it for hot sauces if your eating habits resemble J's or for sugar and cinnamon when you have an eggnog latte party. The stand, two pots, and their lids is priced at $6. After looking at the picture again, I may need to run back to Habitat and buy it myself!

I found this chair at Salvation Army, while all the other items were at Habitat for Humanity. Yes, I do go to other thrift stores. It is just that Habitat usually has the best/most interesting stuff in my experience. This chair has a great shape although I don't know about that skirt at the bottom. It probably could use new fabric, so if the legs are decent the upholsterer could just nix the skirt all together. The tufting is very interesting, as is the low back. Salvation Army wants $50 for this chair and they do not usually go down on price. I wouldn't pay $50 for it but someone else probably will. By the way, check out that fabric on the right side of the picture - it was headache inducing.

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