Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Product Review: Cascade ActionPacs

I usually wind up getting overwhelmed by products in the cleaning aisle.  Unlike beauty products where I know some things to look for (i.e. packaging that keeps the sun and air out), cleaning products are a little bit different.  I'm not a chemist so the ingredients mean nothing to me and I don't know what might make one cleaner better than another.  I usually err on the side of getting a name brand that is on sale and if there are multiple products available in the line, I go for the mid-range one.  I've been practicing this method for the past 8 years and it seems to work out ok (off-brand Magic Erasers are just not as good as the ones my friend Mr. Clean makes!).

Once we moved into our new apartment back in September and I got a dishwasher back in my life (Hallelujah!), I started using Cascade Actionpacs in my dishwasher.  Since it had been 5 years since having a dishwasher, I was behind in the times and didn't even really know about Actionpacs.  Growing up, I remembered my mother using Cascade so that was another reason I veered toward the brand.  I started using the Cascade Complete which isn't the bottom rung option, but also isn't the Rolls Royce Platinum version either.
Cascade Complete
$15.99 for 48 ct.
Image Source: Amazon

I liked the results overall, but on a recent trip to the grocery store, the regular old Cascade bottom rung Actionpacs were on a far better sale, so I decided to give them a whirl.

Cascade Actionpacs
$15.46 for 85 ct.
Image Source: Amazon
Much to my surprise, the cheaper version worked way better than the more expensive kind.  They did a better job of cleaning the dishes and with fewer water spots on the glasses and silverware.  I'm a big fan and super excited to save money on my grocery budget!

The Verdict: Sold and saving!

Anyone else come across cheaper cleaning products with better effects?  Let us know below!