Monday, January 27, 2014

Posh Purpose Tips for Mixing China Patterns

Image Source: Linzi Events

Last week, I blogged about the Kate Spade Charlotte Street Dinnerware which I'm totally loving right now. I'm pretty fearless when it comes to mixing patterns, but if you can't see yourself committing to all that pattern on one table, just buy a few items to mix in with your regular white dinnerware.  If you can, I recommend taking in a white dish into the store to check it out next to your patterned options.  If you're picking out items for your registry or just wanting to update your table here are a few options to consider:

1. You can do all your serving pieces in the Charlotte Street pattern (or any pattern for that matter) with maybe one item from the place setting like the salad plate or bowl.  

2. Another option would be to pick two patterned items from the place setting such as the dinner plate and mug and add in two of the serving items that you use most (i.e. salt and pepper shaker and a serving bowl or platter).  

3. Another great option is to buy half of your place settings in full out pattern and half in regular white (with maybe 1-2 patterned serving pieces thrown in), if you plan on having 12 place settings, buy 6 in white and 6 in a pattern.  This last option is a way to get a lot of pattern on the table without being too overwhelming.  You can either make each place setting 100% white or 100% patterned...orrrrr you can have one place setting with a few pieces of each and really mix it up!

4. Finally, one last idea would be to pick one of the options above AND mix up the white china.  There are lots of great subtle designs on white dinnerware, pick a couple and try them all together!

Anyone else a fearless pattern mixer?  Send us photos of your dinnerware mix and match and we may feature them on the blog!