Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Store Review: JC Penney Home

Over Christmas, I had to run in to JC Penney for a hot sec to make a return.  I hadn't been inside a JC Penney since under grad.  I went to a large school in the mountains of North Carolina, but the shopping selections were tragic.  We had a one story mini-mall that had maybe 20 stores in it?  Needless to say, I only walked in JC Penney if I was looking for cheap t-shirts I could put sorority letters on and home stuff I could paint pen the crap out of for my little.

If you've been following me on Instagram (and you should!), you might have noticed my surprise to find a Sephora pop-up shop inside my JC Penney.  While they don't have nearly the amount of brands available at your regular Sephora, they do have a several of their most popular makeup lines and perfumes (sadly no hair care, body products, or cool gadgety things like this personal teeth whitening device, which Briana is not allowed to purchase because she would never turn it off).

Sephora Pop-Up Shop @ JC Penney
What I was also surprised to find what JC Penney had in their home section - Michael Graves, Martha Stewart, and Jonathon Adler!  JC Penny is also carrying small appliance brands like Cuisinart and KitchenAid, as well as, cookware brands Calphalon and Le Creuset.  I didn't have much time while I was in the store to jot down all the prices (almost everything was on sale), but here are some of my favorite things I spotted (I've put links in where I was able to find them online at JC Penney):

Bella Crock Pot/Michael Graves Toaster/Michael Graves Coffee Pot/Michael Graves Trivet

Martha Stewart Celebrations Paper Products/Gold Foil Glasses/Michael Graves Wine Decanter

Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Measuring Spoons & Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Chloe Studded Tray

I was really surprised to see the cute selection of goods.  The original prices were a bit high, but everything seemed to be on sale, so I bet you hardly ever have to pay full price.  If I were a college student or living by myself for the first time, I would totally be using this as a resource!  Most people are hitting up Ikea or Target and don't seem to know about JC Penney as an option (I certainly didn't!).

I would still use JC Penney as a source for cute hostess gifts (hello pretty giraffe spoons!) and unique entertaining pieces (like that decanter above). I'm also totally in love with those gold glasses and the fun design of the trivet.  The Michael Graves line should also appeal to the men in your life (stainless steel and copper with funky retro/Jetsons style design).  JC Penney's is also selling Martha Stewart Celebration products, so it would be really easy to pick up gift wrap if you are going to the party or paper products if you are hosting the party.

JC Penney also has a monogram shop online if you want sheets and towels monogrammed (JC Penney carries Royal Velvet sheets in 400 and 600TC made from Egyptian, pima, and supima cotton, as well as, turkish cotton towels...which if I remember correctly from my days working for Linens N' Things was a pretty decent brand)!

Verdict: Totally surprised, but sold.

Anyone else checked out JC Penney lately?  What did you think?  If you spot something cute, send it our way!  We love reader photos!