Friday, January 17, 2014

Paint Store Brainstorming

Over the past few weeks, I have started working with my dad on our paint store. We have been discussing all kinds of business things like new Point-of-Sale software, inventory, and various upgrades. It is actually quite fascinating but not what Posh Purpose is about. I do have a reason for bringing it up, though! I asked if we could repaint the interior. You will see why very shortly. Fortunately, the answer was yes but we are holding off until more important things are sorted out. And even better, repainting is on the list of Posh Purpose approved topics!

You can see the red and the green walls that surround our paint chip displays. Not pictured is a very unfortunate shade of khaki. I'm sorry, I should rephrase. The khaki is unfortunate for the space and there are definitely better options the red/green combo. All three colors would be wonderful in the right setting, but I have decided that Scosta Supply and Paint is not it.

While I get to work, I will be thinking about my many color options. We carry both Benjamin Moore and PPG paint (and we are the only locally owned paint store in the county, for those of you in central Florida) so our color selection is wonderful. I know the baseboards will no longer be white when I get done. White baseboards get scuffed up very quickly in high traffic areas, so ours will be going darker. Choosing the paint colors for our store is a challenge for me; I love picking colors, but I never ever work with brown (check out that tile). My mom suggested I think of what outfit colors I pair with brown. Well, I only own one brown item - a skirt that I wear with a dusty rose top and some really awesome heels. I really only bought the skirt for the shoes. You know how that goes, right? So anyway, dusty rose is definitely a paint option.

As for other visual upgrades, I will be recovering those chair cushions. I never pass up an opportunity to use a staple gun and the current fabric has been around for quite some time. Melinda suggested getting a rug to go under the table and chairs to anchor it in the room. We also discussed what we could add to the table to make it more enjoyable for ladies to whittle down their paint options while still allowing them plenty of space to spread out. As I begin implementing these decisions, I will keep y'all updated! And definitely share any tips on those paint colors.