Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Decor

It is almost Halloween! Mother is wrapping up her decorating as I type, but here are a few sneak peeks of what she has done so far.

Mom bought this spooky ghost from Michael's last year. She hangs him from the dining room chandelier. But be careful! You don't want the light bulbs catching anything on fire.

The foyer is a work in progress. She has already changed it since I took this picture! One major change is that she replaced the things under the domes with plastic skulls I bought from Habitat for 50 cents each.

This scarecrow sticks around the foyer for the whole fall season, but for the month of October he has a less friendly face. Mom took some super cheap brown fabric, glitter, and paint to add a bit of spookiness.

Now we are in the living room. This creepy child statue got a witch hat for the holiday. Mother added texture to a cheap Walmart hat by gluing down the same fabric that is on the scarecrow's face and then painting over it with black craft paint.

I have absolutely no idea where this cat tree thing came from, but it keeps the child statue company.

Remember the Halloween runner I made for mom? Here is another progress shot. She has probably added even more to it since I left. Mother takes Halloween very seriously.

Are y'all ready for Halloween? I was just in the check out line at Publix behind a lady buying huge bags of candy. Apparently she gets over 300 trick-or-treaters in her neighborhood!