Thursday, June 26, 2014

Consignment Store Finds

Remember when I shared about my trip through Georgia? I promised to give more info on Milledgeville and apparently it took at least two weeks for me to make that happen. Tardiness is part of my identity.

So let's get started. The store name is Auntie Bellum's Antiques and it was quite the adventure. The website states they have "odd and unusual stuff," and I can't agree more. I forgot to take a picture of the front, so please accept my screen shot from Google street view instead.

full of thrills
This store is made up of multiple booths stocked by individuals. This means there is a huge variety in the objects. I found legit antiques a few feet away from 1980s toilet lids and beer posters. Not joking.

This child's school desk was pretty cool and $85. I never see things like this in thrift stores.

This glassware set had been marked down to $40 from $75 and yet it was still there. The pieces seemed to be in good shape, but I didn't inspect them all.

The label says "old whiskey" and it was priced at $18. I don't know about you, but J prefers his whiskey in less pink vessels. That being said, I did consider buying it anyway.

Pile of antique headboards. One clamied to be from 1840 and was priced at $300. Overall, good condition and interesting pieces. I like the one in the back the best. Of course, antique bed sizes aren't standardized so make sure you measure before purchasing.

Remember that beer poster I mentioned earlier? I snapped a picture, just for y'all.

I love old trunks but can't stand the smell. I don't remember the prices sadly.

Toilet seat and scary faces. I did say it was an adventure in here.

Pile of pink depression glass, all in great shape. The prices were fair but not exceptionally low.

Cool old chair Mom almost bought. It was priced at $75.

 Anyone looking for a vintage hair dryer? This could be yours for $15! Unlike Habitat, there was no sign of "tested and works" stickers or available outlets to test out the goods.

Welcome to Georgia.

Cool poster next to interesting sconces, which were $22.50 for the pair. Right next door, you can pick up a can of coke classic or an old green coke bottle if that strikes your fancy.

The store was quite full and had piles of linens that I did not photograph. If you find yourself in Milledgeville, you should definitely stop by. Who knows, maybe you will find that perfect antique side table you have been hunting for. Or perhaps a retro beer poster will catch your eye and be perfect for wherever one would hang such an item. Good luck!