Thursday, June 19, 2014

Part 2: Touring Richmond

Yesterday, I shared with y'all my tour of Richmond by way of thrift stores.  I had a great time shopping around and here are my thrift store purchases:

Set of 4 Brand New Mikasa Cheers Balloon Glasses - Retails for $50, but I grabbed them for $9.95!  Red isn't my usual go to color, but these will be great for Christmas or even 4th of July!
Found at Second Debut by Goodwill

Georges Briard Cheese Platter - $2
Found at Love of Jesus Thrift

Georges Briard is a retro designer whose home goods were sold at Neiman Marcus in the 60s.

Arthur Court Tray for $2
Found at Diversity Thrift

I also wanted to share with you my other favorite Richmond places that I stopped in to check out:

Revival Home Furnishings - Awesome consignment store!  Everything was in great shape and really well laid out.  Nothing seemed overly crowded or junky.  The prices were higher than a thrift store, but I really love consignment stores because they won't take anything that isn't in excellent condition.  If you are looking for a newer piece of furniture Revival Home Furnishings is a great resource.

Pretty pair of lamps

Such a beautiful store.  That black, cane backed headboard was gorgeous!

$99 slipper chair!

Beautiful leather bar stools

Love this cabinet!

Sweet framed poems for $31.50 each

Baggio - This high-end clothing consignment store is located in the same shopping center as Revival Home Furnishings.  It's a decent sized shop with tons of high end designers like Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Lanvin, Burberry, etc.  That said, these are not bargain bin prices like you would find at TJ Maxx.  The prices were higher, but I also noticed that they do mark downs if the pieces have been in the shop for awhile.  I spotted a pair of Christian Louboutin evening shoes that were marked down with additional discounts to $280.  While this is still a very expensive pair of shoes, it was much more obtainable than the $1000+ price tag most of the shoes usually carry. (Note: I still didn't buy them.  This Posh Purpose girl has no need for evening shoes at this point in time!)

Lou Lou Boutique -  This super cute accessories store is located in Carytown, not too far from the Second Debut by Goodwill shop that I mentioned yesterday.  They have a number of locations in the DC-MD-VA area and I think I have been into one in DC before, BUT this location in Richmond had a really great lofted space with stationery.  I bought a new hat (yay fedora!) and a lightweight scarf (love this lobster print!).


Sugar Shack Donuts - This local donut shop has a tiny parking lot and a long (but quickly moving) line.  Sugar Shack makes every donut by hand through a three-hour process.  They often sell out in between batches.  Ummmmm...confession.  We went here both weekends.  The first time I grabbed the strawberry glazed and samoa donuts.  It's hard to say which I like better...being that one was fruity delicious and the other tasted EXACTLY like a Girl Scout cookie...but yeasty.  The second time, we had chocolate with sprinkles and vanilla caramel which were sooooo yummy.  I also tried the coffee here which is totally legit and will grow hair on your chest.  Holy goodness.  I would want these donuts aaaaaallll the time and probably make up many excuses to do a drive by so I could try aaaaaall of their flavors.

The Daily Kitchen & Bar -  Really, really well designed restaurant in Carytown.  The lattes were awesome and so was the service.  I've had better brunch, but it was still pretty tasty overall.

The Mill on MacArthur -  Yum, yum, yum.  Best biscuit I've had in a really long time, no extra butter, honey, jam, or any other type of spread required.  The biscuit came on the side with my main course of shrimp and grits which was also great.  The Mill is located in the historic Bellevue area which has my favorite era of houses (20s-50s).  There are lots of tree lined streets with beautiful old houses to walk around and see.

So that's my round up!  Anyone else have any Richmond spots to check out the next time I'm in town?  I could definitely see Mr. 3 and me living there...someday!