Friday, June 6, 2014

Ellis Bros. Pecans

Source: Ellis Bros
One of our favorite places to visit while traveling through Georgia is the Ellis Brothers Pecan store, so of course Mother and I stopped by on our way to Kentucky. The store has a legitimate address, but all you really need to know is exit 109 on I-75 because there are giant signs directing you through the pecan groves. The store is a family owned and run operation that sells a huge variety of pecans and peanuts, along with peaches and vidalia onions during the season, and tons of canned goods. {Side note: why is spell check not accepting 'vidalia'} And like yesterday's donut shop, this store has been featured in Southern Living multiple times.

You wouldn't expect a child to get excited about visiting a store full of pecans, but you would be wrong. My little sister and I loved going because you can sample just about everything that is being sold.

Do you see those plastic containers on the left? Those are full of candied pecans - tons of different flavor options! While sampling everything, I picked honey crunch pecans for J. The ingredients list is short: pecans, sugar, water, honey, salt, and vanilla. You can also buy bags of plain pecans, obviously. Mom always makes her pies with pecans from this store.

They also have chocolate covered pecans and peanuts. There are the regular milk and dark options, along with many more flavors. The ingredients list is always short and lacking in scary/hard to pronounce foodesque items. You can also get peanut brittle!

The canned goods section is so much fun. Mom picked up some peach vidalia onion salsa, which we sampled and loved. You can get all kinds of jellies and pickled things too. I got a jar of pickled peaches for J to try (and me to most likely finish). There was even local honeys to be had! As you can see, this place is good times all around. Next time you are driving past exit 109 on I-75, you should totally stop in, try all the samples, and then leave after filling up your trunk and back seat with delicious delicious things. Make sure to buy an extra package of candied pecans for the car ride home!

This post was not sponsored in any way. Ellis Bros. don't have a clue who I am. Well, I thought that was the case until Mother and I spilled a box of sample pecans on the floor. Now they may have our names on a list of clumsy customers.