Monday, June 30, 2014

Paula's Choice - A Beauty Resource

Several months ago, I was looking for beauty reviews for cosmetics and I stumbled upon Paula's Choice.  I'm not sure how mainstream this website is, but Paula's Choice is a website that contains beauty product reviews (in addition to a line of skincare).  I've learned a lot from reading through the website, it looks like the major no-no's for skin care products revolve around packaging and fragrance.  Air and light degrade the healthy benefits in anti-aging products and I learned that I should stay away from jar products at all costs.  The jar lets far too much air and light in, while a tube or a bottle with a pump is a much better choice because there is less exposure.  I've actually had eye creams turn from creamy white to yellowish (ick!), so this makes sense to me.  Fragrance is also really really bad because it causes irritation to your skin (even if it is just on the cellular level).

When I started looking at beauty product packaging, I realized that soooooooooo many products come in jars (side note: why don't cosmetic companies know this?).  So, I began using Paula's Choice to find new products. It can be a little daunting to narrow down the selection and figure out what to choose, because you can search by item or by brand for pretty much anything (no hair products or really new products).  There is a lot of information, including: product name, whether the product has been discontinued, purpose of the product, number of oz., price, and overall rating...that's just on the first page.

Once you find your product of choice, there is both technical information and also any relevant information on characteristics, like texture, that wouldn't necessarily be obvious from it's chemical components.

Although the reviews are generally short, I found that there were a lot, and I mean A LOT, of high-end or well-known brands, not to mention cult favorites, that are essentially...junk...and more than likely, expensive junk.  I took quite sometime to look through Paula's Choice reviews and revamp my skincare and makeup.  Now, I don't make a purchase without consulting the website first.  Why waste money on products that don't do the job or are actually harmful to your face (hello, you only have one!)?

Hope this helps you with your future beauty purchases!  Anyone else tried Paula's Choice?
***This is not a sponsored post and we weren't compensated in any way.  We just like sharing our valuable resources with our Posh Purpose Readers!***