Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Driving Trough Georgia (the state, not the country)

If anyone is looking for a summer family road trip, might I suggest Georgia? Mother and I had a wonderful time and we only took one extra day for sightseeing. You could have even more fun if you make an event out of it!

Here is a map of the route we took. Since we were coming from Kentucky on I-75 and going to Florida also on I-75, this worked out perfectly for us. As you can see, Atlanta is on the way! Unfortunately, Ellis Bros Pecans is not. You have to get on I-75 before exit 109 for that stop.

The best time to do this trip is now! Peach season has already started so you will have the best luck finding one of these great roadside produce stands like we did.

J had requested peaches and we all love vidalias, so mom and I just had to stop. Mom bought a giant box of peaches, a 50lb bag of vidalias, some green tomatoes, some red tomatoes, a watermelon, and a cantaloupe. She is serious about her produce.

Of course, we didn't pick out any of the above until after the man running the stand peeled and sliced a peach for us to try. You know it is authentic because he used his pocket knife.

You may have noticed that Milledgeville, Ga is highlighted on my map. This town was the previous capital of Georgia and is full of history. Now it is primarily a college town, but we loved it so much that I will be sharing about the Old Governor's Mansion and the antique/consignment store later. Mom and I wanted to stay at the local B&B but it was full, so we opted for the Hampton. It was clean, although a bit cold in the hallways. We ate lunch at the Local Yolkal, which was super cute and had great sweet tea. Supper the night before was at El Amigo, which I do not recommend. The salsa was quite good but everything else was too salty and just not tasty.

The route we took was mainly through rural Georgia. We drove through a handful of small towns and enjoyed the scenic views. One amusing tidbit is the many signs stating we were in Georgia's Technology Corridor. A quick google search will reveal many amusing blog posts about these signs due to the confusion about Georgia's definition of technology as you are driving through agricultural land with spotty cell reception.

Do y'all have any fun summer road trips? Mom and I have driven through to Kentucky so many times, and yet we still discovered new things to do! Any tips for our next trip? We go through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Let us know!

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