Wednesday, September 28, 2011

H&M for Men

I recently went shopping with J because I needed work appropriate clothes for fall and I wanted to sneak in a few new shirts for J. He is pretty picky, mostly because he sees nothing wrong with free t-shirts from his time at MIT (i.e. while I was in high school). I don't really care what he wears to work, but I do prefer him in hole-less shirts when we go places together.

When I pick shirts out for him, he either complains about the price (he is currently on a Marshalls kick) or says it looks too girly. However, H&M now has a set of long sleeve shirts that come in non-offensive solid colors. AND these shirts are made out of pima cotton, so very soft and breathable. AND, they are $13 each. J bought a dark grey shirt and a navy one, too. H&M is not always the highest quality, so I am not sure how many times J can wash his shirts before they come apart. I have not had any issues with my H&M clothes so I am optimistic. Now if I could just get him to buy new jeans..