Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Wedding Bands

I am a very impatient person, so despite only being engaged for a week I decided to check out wedding bands with J during our shopping trip last Saturday. I tried on various bands including diamond eternity bands, diamond and pink sapphire eternity bands, and a plain platinum band. I still don't know what exactly I want, but I know that the band should be thin and not distract from my engagement ring. I was surprised to discover that the diamond bands either were too distracting or did not form a cohesive look with my engagement ring. Even more surprising was that the diamond and pink sapphire band looked pretty good, not trite.

You can easily cut down on the price by having gemstones other than diamonds in your wedding band. Try alternating diamonds and another gemstone to maintain that sparkle that we love so much while adding a bit of personal flair to the band. Check out the Gemvara Rich & Thin Eternity Band. The website allows you to designate one or two types of gemstones. Here are some combinations that I liked.

Black & White Diamond in Platinum
on sale for $1,883
Iolite, Diamond in Platinum
on sale for $1,656

Smoky Quarts, Rhodolite Garnet
in 14k Rose Gold
on sale for $859

Stay tuned for next week's Wedding Tip Wednesday post which will explain all you need to know about metal options for men's wedding bands, featuring research by Engineering J!