Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trousseau Tuesday: Pink Patch!

Betsey Johnson has released her lower cost line, Pink Patch! This is very exciting for me, as I absolutely love Betsey Johnson's clothes but not her prices. I noticed that a lot of her Pink Patch items are made of synthetics, but it seems a lot of dresses these days are. At least the Pink Patch items are priced more appropriately than some other dresses I have seen (seriously, $500 for polyester? I think not).

This dress is very obviously Betsey, but for $189. It could use a bit more poof, so I would also look for a short crinoline to go underneath. It also comes in purple.

This sweater is 100% cotton and is $98. It comes in red, as well. The winky face is very Betsey, but normally something similar would be closer to $200 rather than $100. 

These leggings are so cute! And even better, they are $49! Actually, the print is extremely similar to the print on one of my cotton/spandex Betsey dresses that I adore. I want these to make my long cashmere sweaters more exciting. I'm sure Melinda will tell me that these leggings are not work appropriate, but sometimes it is just more fun to ignore her :)