Friday, September 2, 2011

Posh Purpose for Your Man: Gift Idea

Ok ladies. Briana and I have come to the conclusion that men need our help as much as anyone else with gift giving, clothing, advice, etc. We've decided to start a new feature called "Posh Purpose for Your Man" with ideas to share with your sweetie and provide help to make your wedding planning, gift giving, day-to-day life easier.*

First up, groomsmen gifts. I'm sure most men would prefer to hand their bros a six pack or bottle of Jack, but us girls think that gifts should have meaning, provide remembrances, be reused, and most importantly not be swilled on a Sunday in front of the tube watching Swamp Loggers or football. While lusting over furniture at Pottery Barn this week, I came across this great, affordable, and manly gift.

For $24, your man can get his homies a cigar box and for another $16, he can reward their friendship with a cigar cutter. For $6.50 extra, the cigar cutter can be monogramed with his bosom buddy's initial. Both gifts are silver plated and lightweight. All he has to do is throw in some cigars and he's set! Since you ladies will probably be doing the ordering, you might also be excited to find out that Pottery Barn offers free shipping on these two items. I think that these are great personalized gifts for the wedding party. Make sure to take a picture of all the groomsmen at the end of the night as they will probably all be "bonding" over an adult beverage and cigar...after all men will be men.

What do you think about our new feature? Is Posh Purpose something you share with your man...or just a guilty pleasure?

*Briana and I are not running a relationship advice column - Dear Abby has cornered the market on that one. However, should we provide earth shattering, relationship saving advice we accept gifts of thanks at all times of the year. We especially like Kate Spade, Godiva, and puppies.