Friday, September 2, 2011

Fresh Idea Friday: Windex for Your Diamonds?

I recently received a call from my freshman year college roomie, Mary Elizabeth, who remains one of my dearest friends. We don't get to talk that often so it was quite a treat to catch up with her! Over the course of our chit chatting about all things wedding, including engagement rings and wedding bands, Mary Elizabeth told me that her dear mama, Miss Bonnie, uses Windex to keep her diamonds sparkly and bright. According to Miss Bonnie's jeweler, Windex won't harm the diamond or setting and with a quick squirt and rub with a cotton cloth they will shine right up. Mary Elizabeth has followed her wise mama's advice since the day she got married in December 2006 and has not noticed any problems with this cleaning method.

I did my due diligence through some google slouthing and found step by step instructions from for using the Windex. I also conference g-chatted with Briana about this great idea. Briana thinks that although you may have to be more cautious with softer stones, pearls, or opals, your diamonds should be ok. As she puts it, "Diamonds are very hard. Anything that can harm diamonds also kills people." I now may have to rewatch My Big Fat Greek Wedding in order to try all the other miracles that Windex can perform.