Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Heartsy the Groupon for Etsy

Sooooo, I know that I am totally addicted to Groupons and Living Social deals for great savings on dining, tickets, and things I wouldn't normally spend a dime on.  Now, I've found Heartsy which combines my love for a daily deal with my love for Etsy and all things crafty/handmade!  Heartsy is a free email subsciption service that features private sales on Etsy vendors (you must sign up to receive the deals).  If you are interested in the daily deal, simply purchase and redeem at the Etsy vendor's shop.  I know I'm keeping my eye out for good deals on Christmas gifts and weddings thank you's (Reminder: Savings Dollars = More Shoes Dollars).  Check out a few of my favorite pieces from the featured vendors for today's sales:

DiBA Jewelry
Heartsy Deal: $21 for $42 Online Store Credit

Heartsy Deal: $10 for $24 Online Store Credit

Shiba Designs
Heartsy Deal: $9 for $21 Online Store Cedit

I think these will make really cute gifts for the right girl and the deals are are an awesome value!  If you haven't tried out Etsy yet, you are missing out!  Heartsy is a great way to save some moo-lah and get into the Etsy world!  What do you think, do you love Etsy as much as me? Give Posh Purpose the scoop on your favorite vendors!