Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank Goodness for BBQ Sauce

My Sigma Kappa little Cynthia returned to Boston this past weekend. She had spent the previous school year abroad, so you can imagine how excited I was to see her. We went to J's apartment late in yesterday afternoon to cook supper and giggle about how she did not know her class schedule yet (MIT class started today). We are not the most focused set, so it took a long time to defrost the chicken. J came back a few hours later to find a half chopped onion and only two defrosted chicken breasts.

Since J was very hungry, I decided to start the pasta and just serve the chicken whenever it was done cooking. However, we all got distracted. J realized I had left the chicken in the oven after it had been cooking for more than 90 minutes! Obviously, it was far too dry to be eaten in the current state (not for a lack of trying on J's part). But instead of tossing it, I realized it could easily be turned into pulled bbq chicken thanks to Melinda's delicious recipe. After sitting overnight in my concoction of Sweet Baby Ray's, (a ton of) mustard, tobasco and Worcester sauce, the chicken is edible!

Thanks to Melinda for saving four neglected chicken breasts! Next time, I will definitely set a timer!