Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Collect App and Scrapbooking

I am terrible about taking pictures. J and I spent a whole weekend in San Francisco last year and I think I took four pictures total. My sister Bekah loves pictures; she is the one who took pictures of me and made scrapbooks of my childhood. She also introduced me to this awesome new app called Collect. It is apparently only available for iPhones right now, but hopefully they will expand to android soon.

Basically, the app reminds you to take a picture every day. It also formats the pictures into a square and prompts you to add a caption. The app also keeps track of the date the picture was taken, which prints out below the image and above the caption. The best part is that you can fit two picture/date/caption sets onto a regular 4x6 print - be sure to use Ebates to get 4% cash back from your Walgreens photo purchase AND wait until they have specials on 4x6 prints! The size of these pictures work really well with the Project Life pages.

Here are a few screen shots of the app on my phone. I started using the app February 27 and have only missed one day (March 3) so far. Of course, that is only 83% at this point but the app has encouraged me to take far more pictures than I otherwise would have. You can also upload previously taken pictures that are in your phone's photo gallery. The app pulls the date they were taken from the photo data and places them on the calendar accordingly. Collect also stores any new pictures taken through the app to your phone's photo gallery, which you should upload to Dropbox or another free cloud storage service for safe keeping.

Overview of February
Overview of March

The picture below is a screen shot of when you tap on a picture on the calendar above. I had taken the picture of J grilling before downloading the app, and using an iPhone filter. By the way, those are a ton of fun so play around with them if you have an iPhone. The picture will not have the blue buttons at the bottom when printed out, or the T- Mobile, wifi, time, and other phone status icons at the top.

Bekah is using Project Life and Collect app to do a 2014 picture of the day album for her family. I am trying to put together an album for J and myself using what pictures we have taken since getting married. I still have to upload a ton of pictures to the app so I can have the dates and any captions I may think of, but I am slowly making progress. At some point, I am sure I will print them out and put them into a scrapbook so that we can enjoy looking at these pictures away from the iPhone screen.

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