Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break Day 3

Today was an extremely successful thrifting day. Mom and I took Melinda to Habitat and we all left with lots of goodies. I will be writing a separate thrift store finds post of the great things we saw, but didn't buy, so for now we will just stick to what came home with us.

5 glass demitasse cups, $1 
2 pairs of cups and appetizer tray/saucer combo, $3
1 antique chair, $20

1 set of 6 glasses plus pitcher and stirrer, $8
6 French appetizer plates, $13

1 foot stool, $5
1 picture frame, $1
1 pair of salt and pepper mills, $5

Total amount spent: $56

Best purchase of the day was definitely Melinda's glassware set. It is unusual to find a set of six matching glasses, let alone the matching pitcher and stirrer. Even better, they were all in great condition. And because we apparently were not lucky enough, my Habitat friend lowered the price from $12 to $8 because Melinda was unsure at first. But at that price, how could you say no?

We also spent the afternoon working very hard on two projects. Yes, that is right. I worked on a project. Melinda was so wonderful for cleaning up my $5 foot stool that I even fed her supper. Although, I would have fed her either way because a hungry Melinda is a cranky Melinda. The other project will be revealed later, but if you follow our twitter account you already know it involves the joys of rust removal.

We will be heading to another thrift store tomorrow because Melinda is still on the hunt for a refrigerator dish. Usually this one has great frames, so I will probably pick up another one. We may also head back to yesterday's store to pick up a pair of lamps.