Wednesday, March 26, 2014

World Market's New Custom Furniture Line

I got an email this week saying that World Market has a new custom furniture collection.  I immediately got excited, because (1) World Market has great prices and (2) who doesn't love custom furniture?  I hopped on over to the World Market website to check it out and found a ton of cute prints and designs.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Prasana Elsie Headboard
$429.99 - $579.99
Image Source: World Market

Linen Kellerman Bed
$1,099.99 - $1,299.99
Image Source: World Market

Velvet Caiden Bed 
$699.99 - $899.99
Image Source: World Market

Millie McKenzie Ottoman
Image Source: World Market
I was really excited about a lot of the features described in each product listing - twin to California king sizing, made in the USA, constructed of solid pine, as well as, the designs themselves until I's not actually custom furniture.

Custom furniture means you get choices for EVERYTHING - those legs on the ottoman, the studs on the bed, the covers used on each tuft, but World Market isn't offering that...from what I can tell, World Market isn't even offering fabric swatches and you can only order online, which means that there probably aren't any swatches or displays in store either.  The fabric selection is also a bit misleading.  In true custom fashion, you should be able to put almost any fabric that the store carried on any of the furniture designs, but World Market designs have limitations.  For example, the tufted pieces and the storage bench ottomans only come in solids.  There is also no ability to adjust the dimensions of the ottomans or headboards.  If you were getting a piece made from scratch to adjust for high or low ceilings in a room or to accommodate a large piece of artwork hanging over the bed, you might want to adjust the scale of your furniture...which happens all the time on HGTV shows, but isn't offered by World Market.

I don't necessarily have a problem with the furniture World Market is producing and they have a variety of great fabric choices and shapes, but I do think it is misleading to call it "custom furniture" since so many elements are missing.  In reality, I think World Market just got a better selection of bedroom furniture. However, I think that the price points on the furniture are spot on, the options they do have available are very pretty, and I love that they are constructed from solid wood and there are actual CHOICES for California king beds, which can be really difficult to find.  Plus, the fact the pieces are USA-made is definitely awesome!

Anyone else checked out World Market's new line?  What do you think?  Would you consider this "custom" furniture?