Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We're Lovin: Lilly Pulitzer Palazzo Pants

Mr. 3 and I go to the Kentucky Derby every year and it is always so hard to figure out what to wear.  I've been there when it has been blazin' hot, perfect weather, or cold and rainy.  Last year, I was smart enough to take a pair of white dress pants, closed toed flats, and a spring coat, so when the high hit 55 for the day, I didn't freeze my lady parts standing around in a tight strapless cocktail dress and huddling in the heated betting window area all day (goosebumps = not cute).  Unfortunately, the track turns into a hot mess when it rains and my pants were ruined (the dry cleaner left me a nice note attached telling me they had done all they could).  Soooooo, I'm considering my options and while on the hunt, I came across these super fun Lilly Pulitzer Palazzo Pants:

Lilly Pulitzer Middleton Palazzo Pant in Chic Pink Sway
Image Source: Zappos

Lilly Pulitzer Middleton Palazzo Pants in Iris Blue Mai Tai
Image Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

I love these pants...I'm a total Lilly lover and prints don't scare me...usually.  Although I wear Lilly shorts, skirts, and dresses throughout the summer, I'm a bit intimidated by that large amount of print on my lower half given that it's ahem,...a bit more generously gifted than the rest of me.  Also, I'm short, so I have concerns about looking like a bolt of flapping fabric coming down the walkway.  What I DO like about these pants, is that I already have hats that will work with either print and I can dress them up with the pretty spring coats I already own.  I also have a number of tops hanging in the closet that I can try with them and I may not need to purchase anything else to have a complete outfit. Also, if the Derby was to get REALLY cold like it was last year, I've decided that I will be wearing footless tights up under whatever pants I go with, but it would still be nice to have something on that says "fun and Southern." 

If they look great, I should also be able to wear them to the office (I might get a few stares from the loudness of the print, but my office is waaaay laid back on dress code.  Seriously, people have worn bedroom slippers and wandered around outside of their individual offices or just taken off their shoes altogether.)...which will be great for summer when my skin cells are all turning over at once and my spray tan gets patchy (can I get an AMEN from my spray tanning sisters!).  Finally, these pants are machine washable and should pack pretty well (we are flying to Nashville for a couple of days before we drive to Louisville, so I need clothing that won't get smushed).  I going to try to find them at one of the D.C. stores that carry them so I can get a feel for the material and try them on before I do my usual coupon sleuthing and ebates round up, because I definitely do not want to pay full price!

What do you think?  Have any other suggestions for fun spring attire?