Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Loves

I'm a huge fan of anything involving sparkles and diamonds, who isn't?  The Oscars combine all the glamour and glitz that a girl could ask for...I can't imagine being an actress (especially a talented one worthy of the Oscar recognition), but I wouldn't mind putting on (or being sewn into) one of those fab dresses!  Here are a few of my fav looks from the Oscar red carpet...even if these movie stars didn't win they look amazing!

First up are my picks for the ladies who looked as glitzy and golden as the statue itself!  Love love love Cate Blanchett's look with all those petals (which I bet were hand sewn on)...but I feel like this petaled look has been done before and it also reminds me a bit of a wedding dress.  HOWEVER, she looks fab and her earrings are gorgeous.

Cate Blanchett
Image Source: Harpers Bazaar
Kristin Chenoweth's dress is so well fitted and she looks so glam.  I love the detail on her dress.

Kristin Chenoweth
Image Source: Oscars Website
OMG.  Goldie Hawn looks beautiful.  Usually, I want to rip the little shoulder sleeves off on dresses like this, but the beads are great way to give a bit more coverage (not that she needs it in my personal opinion).

Goldie Hawn
Image Source: E! Online
Next up, are my favorite dresses from the Red Carpet.  Kate Hudson - like mother, like daughter right?  Gorgeous!  Even though she has a neckline to her navel, the rest of her is all covered up.  I saw her present an award and you can tell much better close up, but the dress is covered in a beautiful beaded pattern.

Kate Hudson
Image Source: E! Online
Sandra Bullock is hands down one of my favorite actresses and looks so amazing in this dress.  The dress itself is on the plainer side, but the draping, quality of fabric, and fit make the dress (something we should all keep in mind when shopping!).  I also thought she had the best hair and makeup!

Sandra Bullock
Image Source: E! Online
Finally, I looooooooooooooved this dress on Lupita.  This was by far the most "fresh" look I saw on the red carpet.  The style is something we have seen before, but the color looks so good on her!  The only thing I would have changed would be to give her a pink lip rather red.

Lupita Nyong'o
Image Source: E! Online
On to the sparkles....hands down my favorite jewelry was on Naomi Watts.  That DIE for!  I have no idea how many carats are hanging around her neck and frankly, I zoned out when she was on the Red Carpet when she was giving out the details...I was too busy drooling.  I looked it up later and found out it's by Bulgari.

Naomi Watts
Image Source: E! Online
Finally, even though women's fashion is waaaay more interesting than the men on the Red Carpet, I have to say Matthew McConaughey was the most handsome hunkiest hunk of a man at the Red Carpet (and that was even before he won Best Actor!).  Even cuter...he brought not only his pretty wife, but his mom as well...awwwwwwwww!

Matthew McConaughey
Image Source: E! Online
Who else was watching last night?  Did I miss anyone fab?  Give us your picks in the comments section below!