Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Cousin Bucket List

During one of our many gchat convos, Melinda suggested we form a cousin bucket list full of things we want to do. She had already started a bucket list to share with Mr. 3, so it was only natural we also have a list together.We have traveled together before and we obviously have compatible tastes and habits. Melinda actually chaperoned my high school choir trip to Europe many years ago! That was before I developed any interests beyond myself (now I have about three), so I expect our future travels to be far more entertaining for the both of us.

Argentina couples trip
While I had never considered visiting South America, J's maternal family is from Argentina which put it on our list of places to visit. Melinda, on the other hand, loves all things Latin America so she jumped on the idea of coming along. We have lots of grand plans filled with museums, shopping for leather goods, and steak for everyone but me (not a fan). I have wanted to buy a cow hide rugs ever since reading that they are super durable and impervious to stains, and what better place to buy one than Argentina?

Melinda and I also discussed less urban excursions as well. No decisions have been made, but Patagonia, Iguazu Falls, and Argentine wine country are all contenders. We won't be traveling during high season, either. Most Americans visiting Argentina go during our winter (their summer) to lounge beach-side. If this Florida girl wants to go to the beach, she drive drives two hours instead of taking a multiple hour flight. Besides, Melinda and I burn pretty quickly so we would rather spend our money on more leather goods than high season prices plus umbrella rentals.

Source: Wikipedia

Champagne region, France
Melinda had a great time on wine tours during her California honeymoon but I don't like wine. We thought the perfect compromise would be a tour of France's Champagne region! For once, I actually looked at a map and realized that we could fly into Paris, stay a few days, then head on to our next destination. And then I realized we would practically be in Belgium, so why not end our trip after spending a few days there? We have yet to decide of Mr. 3 and J will be joining us, but having them drive us around the French countryside and carry our bags to and fro are definitely reasons to include them.

Nile River cruise
I have been planning on taking a Nile River cruise with J for quite some time now. I have always wanted to visit Egypt since focusing quite a bit of my homeschooled reading on the ancient history. J had never thought to travel to Egypt (we are swapping Argentina for Egypt, basically) but once I explained the river cruise concept and how the chefs were highly rated, he was on board. I just told Melinda about my plans yesterday and she said we had to put it on our bucket list. Since we have to wait for the Egyptian people to find a government they are satisfied with enough to stop revolting, Melinda and I will just plan for the TBA future.

The cruise ships are actually quite small and there are no interior cabins, which means windows for everyone! It also means you can admire the Egyptian coastline while "tanning" under a poolside cabana.The Sun Boat IV is a great example of what Nile River cruises have to offer. Most of Egypt's ancient sites run along the Nile so we would have the opportunity to see more of those sites while traveling by boat than we would having to drive ourselves around.

Source: Sanctuary Retreats

Once Melinda and I have houses (and disposable incomes), we will need to make a trip to this awesome flea market during our hunt for great house necessities. Melinda commented on how close it is to Atlanta and we immediately had the same idea: rest up after our huge shopping trip with a stay in the Ritz Carlton Buckhead. It is by far my favorite US hotel and Melinda fell in love with it during our stay for my bachelorette party weekend.

Spa Vacation
Along with having the brilliant idea above, Melinda suggested we do a spa vacation with just the two of us. I would love to go to a spa in the desert. The Amangiri in Utah looks like a perfect relaxing getaway. The spa has all sorts of treatments, the pool deck is surrounded by mountains (plus has shade), and we could even do some yoga or hike if it struck our fancy. The price is high, but maybe one day the Posh Purpose team will be comped a stay so we can review. One can always hope!

How could you say no to this?
Source: Amangiri

Juliska Factory Sale
Melinda read a blog post today about how Kris of Driven by Decor saved over 90% off retail by purchasing her Juliska products during the Juliska outlet store sale. The outlet is in Connecticut, which is a bit of a trek for me, but totally worth it. I already received Juliska purple juice glasses and matching cake plates as wedding gifts, but I would also love to grab a few pitchers and vases. Melinda and I both have a debilitating illness that causes us to obsess and pine over gorgeous glassware. Maybe some of y'all can relate?

Love it
Source: Juliska

Alt Summit
Yet another Melinda suggestion: she thinks it would be great fun (and great for Posh Purpose) if we could attend the Alt Summit one year. I am totally on board to visit Salt Lake City (where the conference is held) and also to tag along with Melinda anywhere. Maybe we could jump over to our Spa Vacation while out west? I'm always one for multitasking. I just wish Benjamin Moore or PPG (brands my paint store carries) would sponsor this great event rather than our competitor Sherwin Williams!

I love dreaming up future escapades with Melinda, even if we are limited to spring breaking in rural Florida for the time being. We tossed around a few more ideas, such as glamping, but the ones above are our current favorites. Melinda and I would love to hear about your bucket list!