Thursday, March 6, 2014

Posh Purpose Review: SJP Collection at Nordstrom

I have been a fan of Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker's style (both on screen and off screen) for a long time!  That's why I was super excited to see her new collection debut at Nordstrom this past week.  I was expecting to see lots of beautiful shoes with a few pairs that were completely over the top.  I also thought the shoes would be mid-range in price and probably not the best materials or country of origin (i.e. made in China).  I was pretty much wrong about everything except the price, so I have a mixed bag of feelings.

I found the collection to be mostly boring basics of shoes I've seen before and with nothing coming close to being over the top.  Shoe prices ranged from $200-$425 and the collection also offers one clutch handbag in five colors for $245 and one trench coat in two colors for $495.  The leather shoes are made in Italy, so score 1 for nice materials and country of origin.  However, the handbag and coat are listed as "imported" which usually means a country other than Italy, Brazil, Spain, or Portugal.  There are plenty of nice clothes from other countries, but my bigger problem with this collection is that it is so...lackluster.  I was expecting a little more Manolo Blahnik and a little less Man This is Blah.  I'm sure that SJP would wear any of the shoes she has in her collection, but I was expecting to see shoes as equally fab as the ones she wears on the red carpet...and we just didn't get it.  There is only one pair in the collection I truly do not like, but there is also only one shoe I would consider buying unless I just needed to replace a basic black pump or something similar.

'Bobbie' Sandal
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker
Source: Nordstrom

The one handbag in the collection isn't anything special, but I do love the trench coat.  It has a great shape and nice trim.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker
Source: Nordstrom

BUT for the price, it is quite the investment and I think there are either less expensive options out there at places like Banana Republic orrr if you do want to make an investment, I would keep saving those pennies and put them towards a Burberry trench which lasts forever (seriously, the English make specific bequests in their wills to pass them on to the next generation).

Maybe the next season will have better choices, but for now I'm just a bit disappointed.  Anyone else checked out the collection?  What do you think?