Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barbie Loves Weddings

Reading Between the Lines with Barbie: you should check it out. And apply what you learn to your bridesmaid selection! Here is my favorite excerpt.
Looking at these three, I’m fairly certain they met back when Barbie was a fashion model at a United Colors of Benetton photo shoot. Steph and Barbie where modeling to support themselves through school, but Kira is still a model. Kira likes to talk about how she’s still a model because beige don’t age. Stephanie responds to that with black don’t crack and to shut them both up, Barbie always brings up how much bigger her boobs are than theirs. They’re the bestest of friends.
Again, thanks goes to Ashley for sharing! I told her to make a tumblr account since she is clearly so awesome and has the best taste.