Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Glitter Nails! Skip that manicure and get busy!

I was inspired by the Cashmere and Cupcakes post on mermaid nails to give my nails a new look. I was bored of the basic polish that you see everywhere and thought it was time for something different. If you are looking for ways to cut costs, consider doing your nails yourself rather than getting a manicure. Don't be sad, though! This is definitely a project that will make skipping the nail salon fun!

J sweetly got me a collection of 24 martha stewart glitters, which made my project so much more fun! I highly advocate getting these glitters. They are very fine and have an easy to use top. No mess!

I used a cheap eyeshadow brush from CVS, a mauve OPI polish (the name has disappeared) and smokey quarts Martha Stewart glitter. I painted my nails with the mauve a few days ago. Last night, I put a bit of glitter into a small bowl and placed a drop of my Sephora by OPI top coat onto the eyeshadow brush. Then I dipped the brush into the glitter (be careful not to overload the brush!) and swiped it onto a nail. I just did a line of glitter across the top of five various nails and did designs on others so that it did not look too busy. After that, I cleaned the brush by dipping it in nail polish remover and wiping it on a paper towel to eliminate glitter - be careful, though! Nail polish remover eats through synthetic bristles. After everything was very very dry, I blew on my nails to get rid of the loose glitter (none!). I then dripped more top coat onto the brush (do not want to get glitter into the top coat) and used it to seal my polish and glitter.

The color combo allows me to keep my nails pink and still fit into the fall season. And the project is a ton of fun! Make sure you have something else going on since it is a rather long process. Maybe make an event out of it! I would love to get my hands on Melinda's nails - I think they are long due for some glitter :)

Forgive the low picture quality, I had to use photo booth on my mac. Photo booth is also the reason why the words appear backward. Thanks, Apple. Btw, yay for the new iphone talk tomorrow! Also, thanks to Ashley for sending me the mermaid nail inspiration. She should really be a contributor to Posh Purpose :)