Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trousseau Tuesday: A Skirt That Compliments Any Fanny

Halogen® Seamed Pencil SkirtToday, I bring to all our wonderful Posh Purpose readers possibly the most wardrobe changing and fanny flattering skirt I've come across in a looooooong time!  I can't take the credit for this discovery, because I spotted it on a co-worker two weeks ago and immediately asked the what and where questions (I also asked to cop a feel of the material in a non-sexual harassment sort of manner).  Let me tell you, it was love at first sight and feel!  This Halogen pencil skirt retails for $68 at Nordstrom and is worth every single penny! I'm not the only one who is in love, so far 3 of my co-workers and myself have purchased this skirt (in multiple colors).  We are all a variety of shapes and sizes (short, athletic, tall, curvy, everything!) and it looks great on all of us!   I love how it is styled here with the bow blouse and trench coat.  The skirt is fully lined (yay warmth!) and comes in 10 different colors.  I had trouble limiting myself to just two...and evidently I'm not the only one.  My nice sales lady at Nordstrom's at Tysons Corner said they were already on their 2nd shipment and were about to sell out again and it was the most popular skirt!  I'm sure I'll enjoy this as the fall weather rolls in.  Bonus:  If you need tailoring, Nordstrom will do free alterations for you in store. 

I especially love the yellow raisin color: 
Yellow Raisin It's definitely an "in"color for the fall season.  Unfortunately, I can't wear it up close to my face without looking like a malaria victim.  I looove that I can incorporate this color at a safe distance away from giving me jaundice.  My recommendation: buy two, one in a neutral color that you can wear with everything (in my case dark camel) and the other in a fun color to add some pop to your wardrobe! 

 What are you winter fashion picks?  Let us know so we can add more fun things to our wardrobe!  Only qualifications: 1) Must be warm and 2) Must not look like a muppet swallowed us.