Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Consolidating Furniture

I always think about things way before I need to. For example, I am already concerned about furniture for my future married apartment. More specifically, I am concerned about J's bedroom furniture.

His bed..
and the rest

I am in love with this bed

As you can see, his bedroom set is extremely masculine and modern and totally not my style at all. While I have no issue with keeping most of his furniture during our time in Boston (assuming it is brief), I don't see much point in paying to move furniture to another corner of the country (Atlanta, here I come!) if we are just going to get rid of it quickly. And don't tell me the guest room solution! Mother will be giving me my bedroom furniture (bed, two desks, armoir, bedside table) as soon as we relocate closer to Florida. My princess bed and matching pieces will make a lovely guest room and I doubt we will have more than one spare room.

Fortunately, J is slowly coming to terms with replacing his furniture with a bit of help from his mom (can you believe he was adamantly against it at one point?!). She actually warned him not to invest too much in furniture because his future wife would not be interested in keeping it. He ignored her wise advice because he thought he would not be getting married for another 10 years or so (this was pre Briana). Silly J. 

I have been trying to think of ways to salvage his drawer pieces but I am at a loss. I thought about antiquing the wood and then installing fun knobs a la Anthropologie. However, the lines of the furniture are so severe that I am not sure that it will look good once I am done. Tips would be greatly appreciated! 

Advice to single men: don't waste your money on good furniture - your future wife will want to get rid of pretty much all of it.